Edition 14 - 2023

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3 Years

All products and accessories manufactured by Quick Marine Lighting come with
3 years Warranty!



To help improve the ecological culture through a sustainable production model.
To comply with the regulations of each country in the field of environmental protection.

Quality and innovation have contributed in a fundamental way to make Quick stand out during its growth. Today these characteristics have an added value, given the new strategies that the Quick SpA company has introduced in the organization. The solutions are based on Eco-innovation, which is considered a necessary means to meet current market demands and to contribute to the strengthening and development of ecological culture. The company’s environmental responsibility policy has therefore mainly focused its investments on the research and development of technologies and tools that facilitate the effi cient use of resources, in order to substantially decrease debris produced and reduce waste to zero. The method adopted by Quick, to make production cycles more effi cient and signifi cantly improve its environmental impact, is based on certain principles also defi ned under the term Cleaner Production:
  • Integration of advanced production systems in its own facilities (e.g. CNC machinery) and choice of suppliers from the surrounding territory.
  • Preventive control of suppliers for the reduction of non-conformities in production.
  • Use of technological processes that allow for a "zero waste” fi nished product (e.g.: sheet metal stamping instead of casting).
  • Decrease of the steps of the production chain (e.g. casting / processing / cleaning / chrome plating replaced by plastic/metal co-stampings).

The most important range of products marketed by Quick SpA, characterized by high eco-compatibility and resulting from eco-friendly production cycles, is certainly the LED lighting line, designed and built in Quick laboratories.
The range is marketed under the brand Quick Marine Lighting in the marine market and Quicklighting in the civil/domestic sector. It includes a wide range of high quality equipment featuring an innovative styling concept.

Quick - Light Products
Quick - Light ProductsQuick - Light Products


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